Its been a decade since 2005, from a no one became a professional tattoo artist. I found myself in the art of tattoo. In this social reality, i found it hard to identify the balance of the gap between the real and the ideal. Do not have to be nestled, because of money, and masquerading yourself to be something you are not yourself.


Way back before, i did studied for multimedia design courses, it helps me a lot in pursuing the line to tattoo artist. If you want to make a good tattoo, you have to start from a basic. I believe by pursuing my dream, the society can understand the world of art tattoo more. To allow the society open heart to the world of tattoo.


I have been involved in a number of international tattoos competition, have also received some medals. In fact, many people are focused on the results, and not to ignore the competition of the real meaning and process. Before the match started the process for me, I think that it is really the most important, it is worth to me to recall and thanksgiving. This process allows me to learn how to go to adhere to and uphold and keep me in the most positive and often heart to face, some tattoos technical aspects and on the face of the economic problems. This process, I am even more aware themselves, recognizing the many who helped and supported me in my people. They can make me more strong to continue to move forward the impetus.


Start with a small wooden huts shop, continue to open more than a double-decker of the storefront. This period of time in addition to their own efforts. Because of the customer's trust and support, and to let my entire groups of smooth operation. The tattoos cause in Malaysia can be regarded as a special cause. Here are Muslims, and Muslims are not allowed tattoos. Here the market is not like other foreign countries, the people of the whole country can be tattooed. Here we are the market is small, it may in the case of the national population, 40 % of the people can be tattooed. In this environment, we are here for the Division, it must be more consistent and unity, and it can be our tattoos and art to the out of band at the international level.


Tattoos for me, it is a self-confidence from the form. Some people in order to give their own outstanding performance, so purchase beautiful clothes clothes to dress up. Some people will choose on their own skin, add some patterns and colors. Both are also part of a self-expression of a behavior. The process is mainly to the piercing itself, the style. Some tattoos, will first be good pattern, and then to transfer to. Some of the tattoos will select a pen directly to the custo

mer on the sketch, and then gave it to.It is often necessary to pay attention to the process. First of all, all use the PIN, paint is not to be repeated. Store the appliance and the environment must be sterilized. It is time for tattoos, their design and painting have to be their favorite type. Finally, the tattoos, the works, is to meet its own requirements.


My inspiration is usually from my life. Occasionally read some books and listen to different genre of music. My own favorite is Oriental artwork, but I never limit yourself the work scope. As to try a different style, it allows me to produced different kind of works, it allows me work at different stages, that is not the same as the progress and change.


Tattoos in many countries in Asia have already started to become very popular. start you can see that a lot of people can accept this art. whether it is some movies and TV shows are beginning to tattoos to the subject. I will have to go abroad to different tattoos, some tattoos. At the same time it can be and they share some of their tattoos and work experience. So that we can understand each other and see that come from different cultural background of the artwork. On top of tattoos, I would like to learn more about art and life on the thing or things. For example, music, art, life, truth, and people should have a "live and learn" of the Spirit.


Last but not least, to say the thing i want to achieve is to make tattoos art in the most positive way, through a number of activities to keep the community of tattoos art a more in-depth understanding. In tattooed art of name to participate in a number of charitable activities, to help more people in need the help of the people. and also to what I learn the technology and knowledge to the most correct way to spread more tattoos passion and want to engage in the art of youth. Let tattoos cause in the future of Malaysia more brilliant.

Yang Lee


Tattoo competition

Australia Sydney Tattoo Expo & Body Art 2012

Malaysia professional tattoo artist Yang Lee won 3 awards in the 4th Tattoo &Body Art Expo Sydney 


Australia 9-11 March 2012


  • Best Asian/Oriental Tattoo Male/Female  >Winner<

  • Best Large Color Tattoo Male >Winner<

  • Best Back Tattoo Male  >Runner Up<

The Second Wayang Kulit Tattoo Show 2016

Malaysia professional tattoo artist Yang Lee

won The 1st Place Tattoo of the day (Best of Sunday).


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